How time flies……

At this point I truly believe I am writing this only to myself.  Who really blogs anymore?  🙂  But, at one point I wrote my own website, maintained my own scripts, etc etc.  So.  In the five years since I last posted.  Girls have gotten much bigger.  Separation and divorce out of the blue.  Dating, girlfiend, and back to dating.  Thankful for good friends who have been here for me always.  The same with family.  The last three years would have been miserable without them.  Unbearable is probably the right word.  Now the future.  I don’t know what it holds.  And I’ve found that real life happens when you are making your best plans for the future.  Someone said that.  Probably one of those truly profound facebook posts of which there are seventy two a day.  I haven’t written in quite a while.  I used to do it a lot.  Before the world was twitterized and facebooktized with a five second snippet of how you want the world to see you.  Social media where you post things and the response to them somehow translates from a popularity contest into friendship?  In a way, maybe.  But not in how you feel every day.  The people who matter are the ones you make time for.  And sometimes the ones you unfortunately have the least amount of time for because of distances or life.  But the ones who matter are the ones who know that.

okokokok.  Not gonna turn this into a rambler.  Life is good, for the most part.  Looking forward to seeing family this weekend and will try not to let my brain get stuck processing and worrying when it shouldn’t or there’s nothing to be done about it.  Except live.  Seems to be one of my eternal pitfalls.  Patiently waiting for the right distraction.  🙂  In the meantime I’ll focus on and enjoy the large amount of blessings that I have.  us1 us2 us3

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NLCD2006 is Done!


News Release, February 16, 2011

Latest Edition of the National Land Cover Database Hits the Streets

 The latest edition of the National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD 2006) is now publicly available. This massive database updates our knowledge of the Nation’s land cover and documents precisely where land cover change has occurred between 2001 and 2006. NLCD is used for thousands of applications in such diverse investigations as ecosystem status and health, spatial patterns of biodiversity, indications of climate change, and best practices in land management. 

“Cyclical updating of the NLCD can be compared to taking a new census of the state of our land cover,” said U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Director Marcia McNutt. “Just as census data serves many purposes in demographic and economic studies, so does monitoring land cover change serve many purposes in natural science and land management.”   

 Based on Landsat satellite imagery taken in 2006, the broad, yet meticulous database was constructed in a five-year collaborative effort by the 11-member federal interagency MultiResolution Land Characteristics Consortium (MRLC). The carefully calibrated data describes the land surface condition of each 30-meter cell of land in the conterminous United States and identifies which ones have changed since the year 2001. Nearly six such cells — each 98 feet long and wide — would fit on a football field. This release of NLCD marks the first time land cover change has been captured for the Nation in such a detailed way, requiring several years of new methodological research to accomplish this goal

 The range and authoritative accuracy of this information will enable managers of public and private lands, urban planners, agricultural experts, and scientists with many different interests (for instance, invasive species or hydrogeography) to identify critical characteristics of the land and patterns of land cover change, informing a variety of investigations from monitoring forests to modeling runoff in urban areas.

 “The long-term collaboration that the MRLC demonstrates is a model of cooperation among government entities,” Director McNutt continued. “Their teamwork in producing the multi-purpose NLCD helps accelerate science and it saves taxpayer money. That’s a synergy everyone can applaud.”

 Land cover is broadly defined as the biophysical pattern of natural vegetation, agriculture, and urban areas. It is shaped by both natural processes and human influences. NLCD 2006 data portrays 16 classes of land cover in the lower 48 states and the degree of surface imperviousness in urban areas. The density of non-transpiring, impervious surfaces — usually composed of concrete, asphalt, stone, and metal — is widely recognized as a key indicator of environmental quality in urban areas. 

 For more information and to download NLCD date, visit .


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from the mouth of babes…

As we pass a jogger on Sycamore, 3 year old in the backseat says, “Why is that boy running?” 6 year old replies.”It’s because he’s poor and doesn’t have any money for a car. He has to run to keep warm because it’s a long ways without a car”. Well said.

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I believe

My three year old Sadie says to her sister this morning “Santa will come when we get lots of snow!”. To which my six year old Ellie replied “Well Duh, everbody knows that!”. What I wouldn’t give to be able to believe with complete certainty again the same things I did when I was six, especially about love and faith.

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Why, when something works well, do they change it?

UGH!  Windows is closing the myspaces so I was forced to “upgrade” to this.  My pics are still available on the skydrive, but I will have to figure out what to do with this site now.  Here’s the link for what resembles my homepage. 
Here’s the link for my photos.
Hope to have something better for you soon. 

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ND lake trip

Hi all,
Been very deficient about writing.  Each time I think it isn’t physically possible for life to get busier, it does.  The week at the farm was great.  Spent Saturday with family at our 2nd annual cousins reunion.  All of us grew up so close together (within a few miles) that we all agreed that we need to get together at least once a year.  It was so nice to see all of the "new" cousins and have them see our children as well.  Went back to Tappen and spent 4 great days at the lake.  No electicity, no cell phones (or texting), and no people.  It was wonderful.  Got to sit up and watch sunsets with my girls, a few lightning storms.  We played in the sand, rode around on the boat, went skiing, tubing, yet still managed to wake up late and be lazy.  Wonderful.  Even got Dad’s merry-go-round put up at the farm.  Great trip! 
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I don’t even know what to say… What a sad end to a beautiful life…
I waited to put this here to be sure no one stumbled on it that didn’t know.  Services are tonight in Fargo at 6pm, and tomorrow at 2 in Minot.
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