older, somewhat wiser?

Helped my brother Neal move away from Brookings back to ND.  That sucks.  That night My other borther Chad and his gf Sam came down, and Becky joined us later.  Had a really good time going out, even got to kick everbody’s butt at pool and see a few local friends.  So I’ve grown smart enough to know to take a cab home, but evidently not enough to keep from overindulging in the first place.  Once home, we had a twenty minute leaf fight.   Two days later, I was still blowing leaves out of my sinuses.  Then, Chad Sam and I had a red ryder shooting contest.  Sam and I were flawless, but poor Chad couldn’t seem to knock the cans over even after "extra" shots.  We’ll see how deer season goes.  🙂  It sure was nice to have family down, even if only for a night.  But the hangover Sunday (why do I get hangovers now?)  kept reminding me they were here. 
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One Response to older, somewhat wiser?

  1. Gábor says:

    Hi there,Sounds like you guys had a fun a time, wish I was there. Halloween is pretty sad over here, no fun at all. All we do is go to the cemetery and light candles for the ones passed away. I mean it\’s nice you know but still it more fun to go out and get drunk with you guys :). Well I gotta go, studying and work drives me crazy, but not much left of studying to do and I am done :). Take care.

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