This is from Calli.
Yesterday morning, brushing her teeth, Ellie mentions, "Mom, I swallowed a bobby pin."  I’m thinking, why would she have a bobby pin?  Could she really have swallowed a bobby pin? Ah yes, the morning before, she asked for a barrette for her hair, I forgot to do it, at school she looks up at me with disappointment draining her little face and reminds me that I forgot. Feeling smart for my quick thinking mom skills, I pulled a few pins from my overdone hairdo and fixed her up right pretty.  At naptime, she took the pins out.  Sucked on one and it went straight down.  She didn’t tell her teacher because "Teacher wasn’t looking at me."

I couldn’t be prouder of her for telling me about it the next day! Jon took the day off and got her xrayed, then took her to the hospital to get a scope down her throat followed by the tweezers to pull the pin out of her stomach.  She was fully anesthetized, recovered easily, and by the time I got home you’d never have thought she’s spent all day at the hospital getting bobby pins pulled from her guts.

So I get home from work – Jon throws down the xray (yup, that’s a bobby pin!). Then the scope picture of Ellie’s stomach and small intestine (gross but pretty cool).  FInally the well travelled bobby pin (put that somewhere safe!). 

And a baggy containing a little foam cross, just like those they use at Ellie’s sunday school class for crafts (!!!!do I want to know?!!). Before they xray, the doctor checked Ellie out and found that beauty in her ear.  No, I dont’ know how long that had been there. And here I thought she’d been ignoring me when I told her to clean her room!  Probably didn’t hear a word I said!  

All better now, no harm done, so I can share this as a heck of a joy of parenting story.  Cheers!



All I can say is that I never want to see a child of mine in a surgical gown wheeled away on a hospital cart.  Ellie was up and eating popsicles and hour later and seems to have forgotten about it at this point.  She is very attached to her new dragon she got after being so good when they painfully pulled the foam cross out of her ear with a foreceps. 

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