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alien sightings in Tappen, oh brother…..

All I can say about this is that this entire family is known for being a couple McNUggets short of a happy meal….. Advertisements

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choclolate cake

OK, I have a rant to go on about.  Women.  Why is it that every woman in the world thinks they look terrible?  I mean really!  Some of you may have longer legs, some of you may have bigger chests, … Continue reading

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Messenger at work

Just so all of you know, they shut down a pile of webistes at work.  So, I can’t get to any personal websites, use messenger, or a bunch of other stuff.  It’s only e-mail for now……..

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family pics

Finally got  family pics taken.  Just in time, because in case you haven’t heard we’re expecting another baby around the end of April.  You can get to the photgraphers website here and order here  

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